Defined in awkward.operations.ak_to_list on line 20.


array – Array-like data (anything ak.to_layout recognizes).

Converts array (many types supported, including all Awkward Arrays and Records) into Python objects. If array is not recognized as an array, it is passed through as-is.

Awkward Array types have the following Pythonic translations.

  • ak.types.NumpyType: converted into bool, int, float, datetimes, etc. (Same as NumPy’s ndarray.tolist.)

  • ak.types.OptionType: missing values are converted into None.

  • ak.types.ListType: converted into list.

  • ak.types.RegularType: also converted into list. Python (and JSON) forms lose information about the regularity of list lengths.

  • ak.types.ListType with parameter "__array__" equal to "__bytestring__": converted into bytes.

  • ak.types.ListType with parameter "__array__" equal to "__string__": converted into str.

  • ak.types.RecordArray without field names: converted into tuple.

  • ak.types.RecordArray with field names: converted into dict.

  • ak.types.UnionArray: Python data are naturally heterogeneous.

See also ak.from_iter and ak.Array.tolist.