Defined in awkward.operations.str.akstr_find_substring_regex on line 13.

ak.str.find_substring_regex(array, pattern, *, ignore_case=False, highlevel=True, behavior=None)#
  • array – Array-like data (anything ak.to_layout recognizes).

  • pattern (str or bytes) – Regular expression that matches substrings to find inside each string in array.

  • ignore_case (bool) – If True, perform a case-insensitive match; otherwise, the match is case-sensitive.

  • highlevel (bool) – If True, return an ak.Array; otherwise, return a low-level ak.contents.Content subclass.

  • behavior (None or dict) – Custom ak.behavior for the output array, if high-level.

Returns the index of the first occurrence of the given regular expression pattern for each string in array. If the literal pattern is not found inside the string, the index is taken to be -1.

Note: this function does not raise an error if the array does not contain any string or bytestring data.

Requires the pyarrow library and calls pyarrow.compute.find_substring.

See also: ak.str.find_substring.