Defined in awkward.behaviors.mixins on line 74.

ak.mixin_class_method(ufunc, rhs=None, *, transpose=True)#
  • ufunc (numpy.ufunc) – A universal function (or NEP18 callable) that is hooked in Awkward Array, i.e. it can be the first argument of a behavior.

  • rhs (Set[type] or None) – Set of right-hand side argument types, optional if wrapping a unary function. The left-hand side is expected to always be self of the parent class. The current class is implicitly included in this set.

  • transpose (bool) – If true, automatically create a transpose signature (only makes sense for binary ufuncs).

This decorator can be used to register a mixin class method.

Using this decorator ensures that derived classes that are declared with the ak.mixin_class decorator will also have the behaviors that this class has.