Defined in awkward.operations.str.akstr_reverse on line 13.

ak.str.reverse(array, *, highlevel=True, behavior=None, attrs=None)#
  • array – Array-like data (anything ak.to_layout recognizes).

  • highlevel (bool) – If True, return an ak.Array; otherwise, return a low-level ak.contents.Content subclass.

  • behavior (None or dict) – Custom ak.behavior for the output array, if high-level.

  • attrs (None or dict) – Custom attributes for the output array, if high-level.

Reverses the order of Unicode characters in any string-valued data. (This function operates on Unicode codepoints, not grapheme clusters. Hence, it will not correctly reverse grapheme clusters composed of multiple codepoints.)

Reverses the order of bytes in any bytestring-valued data.

Note: this function does not raise an error if the array does not contain any string or bytestring data.

Requires the pyarrow library and calls pyarrow.compute.utf8_reverse or pyarrow.compute.binary_reverse on strings and bytestrings, respectively.