Defined in awkward.operations.ak_almost_equal on line 20.

ak.almost_equal(left, right, *, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08, dtype_exact=True, check_parameters=True, check_regular=True)#
  • left – Array-like data (anything ak.to_layout recognizes).

  • right – Array-like data (anything ak.to_layout recognizes).

  • rtol – the relative tolerance parameter (see below).

  • atol – the absolute tolerance parameter (see below).

  • dtype_exact – whether the dtypes must be exactly the same, or just the same family.

  • check_parameters – whether to compare parameters.

  • check_regular – whether to consider ragged and regular dimensions as unequal.

Return True if the two array-like arguments are considered equal for the given options. Otherwise, return False.

The relative difference (rtol * abs(b)) and the absolute difference atol are added together to compare against the absolute difference between left and right.

TypeTracer arrays are not supported, as there is very little information to be compared.