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Builder Member List

This is the complete list of members for Builder, including all inherited members.

active() const =0Builderpure virtual
beginlist()=0Builderpure virtual
beginrecord(const char *name, bool check)=0Builderpure virtual
begintuple(int64_t numfields)=0Builderpure virtual
boolean(bool x)=0Builderpure virtual
classname() const =0Builderpure virtual
clear()=0Builderpure virtual
complex(std::complex< double > x)=0Builderpure virtual
datetime(int64_t x, const std::string &unit)=0Builderpure virtual
endlist()=0Builderpure virtual
endrecord()=0Builderpure virtual
endtuple()=0Builderpure virtual
field(const char *key, bool check)=0Builderpure virtual
index(int64_t index)=0Builderpure virtual
integer(int64_t x)=0Builderpure virtual
length() const =0Builderpure virtual
null()=0Builderpure virtual
real(double x)=0Builderpure virtual
string(const char *x, int64_t length, const char *encoding)=0Builderpure virtual
timedelta(int64_t x, const std::string &unit)=0Builderpure virtual
to_buffers(BuffersContainer &container, int64_t &form_key_id) const =0Builderpure virtual