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 CBitMaskedBuilds a BitMaskedArray in which mask values are packed into a bitmap
 CByteMaskedBuilds a ByteMaskedArray using a mask which is an array of booleans that determines whether the corresponding value in the contents array is valid or not
 CEmptyBuilds an EmptyArray which has no content in it. It is used whenever an array's type is not known because it is empty
 CFieldHelper class for sending a pair of field names (as enum) and field type as template parameters in Record
 CIndexedBuilds an IndexedArray which consists of an index buffer
 CIndexedOptionBuilds an IndexedOptionArray which consists of an index buffer. The negative values in the index are interpreted as missing
 CListOffsetBuilds a ListOffsetArray which describes unequal-length lists (often called a "jagged" or "ragged" array). The underlying data for all lists are in a BUILDER content. It is subdivided into lists according to an offsets array, which specifies the starting and stopping index of each list
 CNumpyBuilds a NumpyArray which describes multi-dimensional data of PRIMITIVE type
 CRecordBuilds a RecordArray which represents an array of records, which can be of same or different types. Its contents is an ordered list of arrays with the same length as the length of its shortest content; all are aligned element-by-element, associating a field name to every content
 CRegularBuilds a RegularArray that describes lists that have the same length, a single integer size. Its underlying content is a flattened view of the data; that is, each list is not stored separately in memory, but is inferred as a subinterval of the underlying data
 CStringHelper for building an array of strings with a similar API as a Numpy builder
 CTupleBuilds a RecordArray which represents an array of tuples which can be of same or different types without field names, indexed only by their order
 CUnionBuilds a UnionArray which represents data drawn from an ordered list of contents, which can have different types, using tags, which is an array of integers indicating which content each array element draws from and index, which is an array of integers indicating which element from the content to draw from
 CUnmaskedBuilds an UnmaskedArray which the values are never, in fact, missing. It exists to satisfy systems that formally require this high-level type without the overhead of generating an array of all True or all False values
 Carray_deleterUsed as a std::shared_ptr deleter (second argument) to overload delete ptr with delete[] ptr
 CArrayBuilderUser interface to the Builder system: the ArrayBuilder is a fixed reference while the Builder subclass instances change in response to accumulating data
 CBoolBuilderBuilder node that accumulates boolean values
 CBuffersContainerAbstract class to represent the output of ak.to_buffers. In Python, this would be a dict of NumPy arrays
 CBuilderAbstract base class for nodes within an ArrayBuilder that cumulatively discover an array's type and fill it
 CComplex128BuilderBuilder node that accumulates real numbers (double)
 CDatetimeBuilderBuilder node that accumulates integers (int64_t)
 CFileLikeObjectAbstract class to represent a file-like object, something with a read(num_bytes) method. Satisfies RapidJSON's Stream interface
 CFloat64BuilderBuilder node that accumulates real numbers (double)
 CGrowableBufferDiscontiguous, one-dimensional buffer (which consists of multiple contiguous, one-dimensional panels) that can grow indefinitely by calling append
 CInt64BuilderBuilder node that accumulates integers (int64_t)
 Cis_specialization< Ref< Args... >, Ref >
 CListBuilderBuilder node that accumulates lists
 COptionBuilderBuilder node that accumulates data with missing values (None)
 COptionsContainer for all configuration options needed by ArrayBuilder, GrowableBuffer, LayoutBuilder and the Builder subclasses
 CRecordBuilderBuilder node for accumulated records
 CStringBuilderBuilder node that accumulates strings
 CTupleBuilderBuilder node for accumulated tuples
 CUnionBuilderBuilder node for accumulated heterogeneous data
 CUnknownBuilderBuilder node for accumulated data whose type is not yet known
 Cvisit_implClass to index tuple at runtime
 Cvisit_impl< 0 >INDEX reached 0, which means the runtime index did not exist in the tuple
 Cpyobject_deleterUsed as a std::shared_ptr deleter (second argument) to overload delete ptr with Py_DECREF(ptr)