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Awkward Array is a library for nested, variable-sized data, including arbitrary-length lists, records, mixed types, and missing data, using NumPy-like idioms.

Arrays are dynamically typed, but operations on them are compiled and fast. Their behavior coincides with NumPy when array dimensions are regular and generalizes when they’re not.


Use the left-bar for tutorials (≡ button on mobile), click below for reference documentation, or here for GitHub. Note that the most complete documentation can be found in the Python API reference: each function has a thorough docstring, usually with examples.

API reference

API reference


Awkward Array can be installed from PyPI using pip:

pip install awkward

Most users will get a precompiled binary (wheel) for your operating system and Python version. If not, the above attempts to compile from source.

Getting help#

For developers#

See Awkward Array’s GitHub page for more on the following.

See also papers and talks about Awkward Array and a table of contributors.

Support for this work was provided by NSF cooperative agreement OAC-1836650 (IRIS-HEP), grant OAC-1450377 (DIANA/HEP), PHY-1520942 (US-CMS LHC Ops), and OAC-2103945 (Awkward Array).